Hall Mills Murder Essay

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There have been ten mysterious deaths that has still not been solved. As a matter of fact, the Hall-Mills murder is one of the mysterious murders that has still not have been solved. This mysterious case happened in 1922 and it has been 96 years since the murder and they still have not solved the case.The mystery behind the Hall-Mills murder can be summed up in two theories: the wife and her brother are the murders and Hayes is the killer. The secrets behind the Hall-Mills murders has created many theories about who killed the Reverend and Mrs.Mills ; For example, some believed the Ku Klux Klan had killed off the Reverend and Mrs.Mills, others theorized that some local teenagers, Mrs.Mills husband, or an assassin killed them. But “almost immediately the police suspected the spouses of the victims” (The Hall-Mills Murders). On September 17, 1922 , two bodies were discovered. A man and a woman were found lying under an apple orchard tree in New Brunswick, New Jersey (The Pastor and the Choir Girl). Furthermore, the man had been shot once in the head, and the woman …show more content…

Although , Hayes was convicted, the public was convinced that police has caught the wrong man. On the other hand, “ the following hearing the next afternoon” all charges against Hayes were dropped (“The Murders of Hall and Mills”). All the charges against the cousin were also dropped five hours after (“Who killed the Pastor and the Choir Singer?”). Many people were confused on who the killer was since there were so many witnesses and trials being held. The article states the Hayes was the real killer because he thought it was Pearl Bahmer and another

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