Hamlet Analytical Essay

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Hamlet is an extraodrnany play written by the notorious poet and author William Shakespeare. Hamlet happens to be one of the most popular works of Shakespeare’s and has continued to be preformed in current theatre works. Act one of the play Hamlet consists of 5 Scenes that quickly introduce issues that will be encountered during this poem. Although this is my first time reading Hamlet, it seems very familiar to other works of William Shakespeare. There are many characters, ideas, and quotations introduced during this play that have become part of the cultural and literal vocabulary of the western world and the whole world. The first scene of the play, like most of the other scenes during the play, is infamous and very mysterious. Shakespeare uses many deceptively simple rhetorical tricks to introduce some of the major themes and concerns that he follows through to the play’s end. There are things in which the main character whom is Hamlet becomes unsure of throughout the play that reflect his state of mind. His decieced father’s ghost is noticed by some of Hamlets servants who immedatly notify him. Hamlet is the son of the fallen king who’s mother and uncle have married after the mysterious death of his honorable father. Soon after his fathers death his uncle was rewarded with the …show more content…

But I’ve got more real grief inside me that you could ever see on the surface. These clothes are just a hint of it.” After his uncle- Claudius- persuades Hamlet to let go of his grieving and to start looking at him as his new father Hamlet is provided with the news that his servants possess. He soon leaves to visit the grave where his father lay with the watchman who informed

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