Hamlet Character Analysis

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Hamlet was written in the Elizabethan period (1558-1603) which was immersed in The Renaissance cultural movement that took place all over Europe. The queen of England was Elizabeth I, Henry VIII´s daughter who made himself the head of the Church of England, and in her reign the English language developed into the modern language we use today, besides the fact that it became the Golden Age of English Drama.
The author of this book, William Shakespeare, was a poet, playwright* and actor widely regarded as one of the greatest writers in the English language and the world´s eminent dramatist. Shakespeare used to make the structure of his plays with great skill by using exposition, tension and conclusion. Besides, his characters were a reflection of the society in which there were people of every condition. Words were very important for Shakespeare, therefore, through them he tried to bring the audience into the play by using soliloquies. I must recognize that in the book I have read, all the characteristics appear clearly.
Analysis of the book
“The Tragedy of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark” is set in the late Middle Ages, 14th. and 15th. centuries, inside and around the royal palace in Elsinore, a city in Denmark. Nevertheless, there are some allusions to the Protestant Reformation which was done in the 16th. Century e.g., protestants rejected the notion of the Purgatory; as a result, when Hamlet sees the Ghost who claims to be his father´s Purgatorial spirit he has a

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