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William Shakespeare’s play “The Tragedy of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark” was a work of art that has devolved several interpretations about the main character Hamlet over time. Throughout the play Hamlet is seen as the protagonist and the antagonist because he as seen as a person who gets justice for a crime committed, but also as a person who commits a crime. Also, Hamlet is a round and dynamic character because he is hard to figure out, so he is interpreted in many different ways, and is dynamic because over time he changes because of the events that take place. There were many events that took place but one in particular (the death and murder of Hamlets father, King Hamlet) was so catastrophic that it set a domino effect of events that untimely …show more content…

He in the beginning went through depression which is quite normal, when a person dies naturally the first reaction is to get sad but when the ghost (Hamlets father) came and informed Hamlet that he didn’t just die but in fact was murdered, changed the who perspective and thought process of Hamlets decisions. When his anger took over he began to plot and plan how he would extract revenge on his uncle, now step father king Claudius. So when he sees the king praying he thought what a perfect opportunity but later changed his mind because he thought that since he was praying that when he died he would go up to heaven but Hamlet wanted him to suffer just like his father did. So when actors came into town, he thought what better way to mess with his conscience then having what the king did be based on a true story and so the reaction that the king had was exactly what Hamlet wanted. However in the play Hamlet was depicted as a mad man when under the surface he was very smart and calculated. He led the people to believe he was mad just so he would not be disturbed in planning his revenge on the king. Since Hamlet didn’t have the time to properly grieve all of his feelings were channeled into hatred,

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