Hamlet Letter To Father

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Laertes, you’ve come to me impassioned and demanding your father 's vengeance, which is honorable and noble for a son to do. You must, however, focus your strength on the right track, for there are many voices crying out, and very few are right. And so, it is in front of your chosen witnesses that I disclose this faithful account of what has happened since the death of my brother, the late king Hamlet. This matter is a lot more complicated than you might think, for it not only deals with the physical but the mental too, for my nephew and son, the Prince Hamlet whom I love dearly, has gone mad. For what reason I am not sure, it may have been sparked by the refusal of love from your sister, dear Ophelia, whose madness can be laid on the shoulders…show more content…
You may have wondered at my seemingly hasty marriage with Gertrude; this was also for the benefit of both Hamlet and the country, for it is common knowledge that without a queen at his side, a king isn’t complete. And I have come to love Gertrude dearly, almost as much as life itself. Yes, there has been gossip as to the the speed of our marriage and thus the previous nature of our relationship, however we were both advised as to the benefit both to myself, as king, and the country that would be experienced from the marriage of Gertrude and myself. Once again, threatening war from Norway sped up an otherwise longer and more formal process. The death of my brother marked the downfall of Hamlet’s mental state. His mourning was, at first, natural and a loving response to a father 's death. However, after months marked time’s passing, he refused to discard the clothes of mourning and resume his duties, even after much discussion. His character has been much changed too; he used to be so happy and active. All he does now is brood and offend the courtiers and even his own mother and father, you should hear the speeches he dares to
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