Harlan Coben's Laws Against Cyberbullying

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16 out of 50 states do not have laws against cyberbullying. These kids are unsafe and vulnerable. In the article Undercover Parent, (2008), Harlan Coben insists that spyware can be essential to protecting a child’s future. She does this because protecting a child 's future is protecting our future. Spyware is helpful because parents can protect their child from bullies and help them from people who want to harm them in real life. People who are harmed physically can impact them by causing psychosis and or Post Traumatic Stress disorder. “One friend of mine, using spyware to monitor his straight A, college-bound daughter, found out that she was using drugs and sleeping with her dealer” (paragraph 13). This father could have lost his daughter if…show more content…
“... The girl who was bullied to the point she committed suicide.” (Paragraph 8). Not only re the bullies destroying family, but are becoming a killer. If the bully had a friend or family member be bullied to suicide they would then understand the power their words have. “ We rely on the real world or teachers and parent to guard against bullies- do we just dismiss bullying on the internet and all it entails because we are entering difficult ethical ground?” (Paragraph 8). With bullies i the real world we can stop them because we see who it is. With bullies at school o another physical place they can or will physically harm the child, but mental trauma from cyberbullies is even harder to cope with. We need a law against the cruelty towards others in all states if it 's for children or adults. Cyber bullying can end a child as easily as adults can destroy a child hood. Why would we allow this if we know we, the children, are our future. If we want to succeed in the world we should help our fellow humans to make it so we can be just as great. We do not need to bring each other down just to feel
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