Why Is The Harlem Renaissance So Important To The Formation Of The Modern Period?

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Throughout the years, numerous talented artists of the modern period have left an indelible mark upon life through their achievements in: art, music, poetry and writing. The modern period was known for its ravishing fashion, a tremendous amount of new cultures, and in music and ethnicity. During this period, famous authors such as W.B. Yeats, Seamus Heaney, and Dylan Thomas made an immense impact and maturation of literature. There have been several events that have taken place in the forming of the modern period. The Harlem Renaissance showed the pain and agony the African Americas faced through the years of the 1900s. The Harlem Renaissance was a heavy cultural, social, and artistic movement that took place in Harlem New York. During that …show more content…

This period of time was had famous musicians such as Joe “King” Oliver, Edward “Kid” Ory, and Louis Armstrong. These were very strong musicians who loved to entertain the people. The jazz age showed that African Americans had attractive fashion that always caught the attention of other people. The birth of jazz music came from African Americans. This led to the rise of radio broadcasting and recording technology, also the phonograph was invented. Some female musicians such as Bessie Smith and Billie Holiday emerged during this time after the war. This paved a way for future female artists to explode into the music industry. African Americans were leaving low paying jobs to go to states of Chicago and New York City. Fitzgerald Faulkner stated that it was a time when parties were everywhere, and life was superior. Mr. Scott Fitzgerald used his musical talents in fast beat and different rhythms. At that same time new dance styles had commenced, also closer intimate dancing between partners. Other strong musicians such as Bessie smith sang Jazz and blues; Billie holiday had tremendous vocals which gave him a powerful music carrier. The jazz age was a time to celebrate the change after the war. Black Americans became comfortable in embracing who they really were. Technology was expanding as if it was an infection, beautiful cars and

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