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Araminta Harriet Ross was born into a very difficult life. She was born somewhere between the years of 1820-1825. Historians do not know the exact date of Ross’s birth since they have little to go off of. However, they were able to find where she was born, which was in Dorchester County, Maryland. Ross was born into slavery by her mother, Harriet Green, and her father, Ben Ross. Araminta Ross had four older siblings also in slavery, however, she would soon have a total of eight siblings. In total, the Ross family had five girls and four boys.
Araminta Ross had many jobs as a young child, in which she was whipped severely. In the year of 1822, Ross, her mother, and her siblings were sold away from her father, to another owner. While at the …show more content…

She became a cook and a nurse during the Civil War. However, after people in the Civil War found out about Tubman’s history with the Underground Railroad, they upgraded her to being a spy. She helped the Union army tremendously, but her symptoms from being hit in the head as a child made it difficult for her to complete the tasks 100%. So she decided to buy land in New York. There she built a nice house and housed many of her family members. Soon, in 1869, she remarried to a Civil War veteran, named Nelson Davis. In 1874, together they adopted a young girl named Gertie. Together as a family, they went through many hardships. One of them was being that Tubman had to go through brain surgery, in order to correct some injuries from previous years. At an old age, she was also admitted into a rest home named after her.
At the end of Harriet Tubman’s life, her health decreased. Tubman died of pneumonia on March 10, 1913, at the age of 88-93. She was buried with full military honors, in Auburn, New York. In fact, she was the first women to receive this honor. After Tubman’s death, she had schools named after her, and awards named in her honor. One award named in her honor is about human trafficking. This award fits her trademark perfectly since she helped slaves get into free states. She is also going to replace Andrew Jackson on the $20 dollar bill. In all, Harriet Tubman was a wonderful

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