Harriet Tubm Abolitionist, Spy, Conductor, And Hero

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Harriet Tubman: Abolitionist, Spy, Conductor, & Hero Run at night, sleep through the day. This was the life lived by the fugitive slaves that hero, Harriet Tubman, sent to freedom. Harriet Tubman was an influential civil rights activist who saved many from slavery. Harriet Tubman was born into slavery in Dorchester County, Maryland. Though her complete birth date is unknown, historians predict she was born sometime between 1820 and 1825. Tubman’s original name is Araminta Harriet Ross. She was one of nine children born to Rit and Ben Ross. Harriet endured seizures and severe headaches as a child for disobedience. She married a free African-American in 1844 named John Tubman. Around the time of her marriage, she changed her name to Harriet. In 1849, she escaped slavery and fled to Philadelphia. Tubman made it her duty to save her family. She began the network of the Underground Railroad, a series of safe houses for fugitive slaves. She freed over 300 slaves in a time frame of eight years. During the Civil War, she was a cook and a nurse for the North. Tubman soon became a Union spy. After the war, Senator William H. sold her a piece of land in New York. Harriet and her family were safe and secure many years following the war. She died of pneumonia in March, 1913. The Federalist and the Republicans, America’s first political parties, were gone. They were …show more content…

Tubman was highly respected slaves during the Civil War because she led them to freedom. Others thought of her as a hero because she was not afraid nor selfish. When she made it to freedom, she sought to help not only her family and friends, but unknown slaves also. Harriet has gained more popularity over time due to her bravery. She influenced civil rights activists and abolitionists during the 1860’s to challenge themselves and not be worried about the outcome. Harriet is a legend to many and always will

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