The Overall Theme Of The Harrison Bergeron

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Equality is without question, the overall theme in the “Harrison Bergeron” short story. According to the first paragraph, 211th, 212th, and 213th Amendments were made to the American constitution, supposedly allowing for everyone to be “equal in every which way.” Aided by twisted methodology, anyone who was physically or mentally adept whatsoever was equipped with a series of “handicaps.” Ranging from in-ear radios tuned to government stations which send piercing sounds at coordinated times, to sash weights and bags of birdshot purposefully strapped around people’s necks, everyone with a natural advantage ended up being brought down to the level of those who were naturally weaker. So much as being good looking or having a nice voice also led to a series of impediments that, definitely for the worst, put everyone on an equal playing field, which is the ironic satire of total equality.
George, the primary character and perspective holder is a perfect example of the system. Due to being a bright man, he was handicapped with an earpiece that hindered his mental capacity at all times, while his partner Hazel went without but appeared to have an equal mental capacity. George was also equipped with …show more content…

As per my knowledge to the current American constitution, laws apply to ALL American citizens no matter the importance of position in terms of leadership or so on. That doesn’t appear to be the case in the story though, because the ‘Handicapper General,’ Diana Moon Glampers along with her law enforcers were more than obviously qualifying of handicaps but went without. Because of this, I think that equality is presented by an entirely separate approach from how we perceive it now. Either way though, it goes to show that maintaining our current way of life is way easier than begging for a recall once something so seemingly innocent and wanted is taken too

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