Health Care Among Low-Income Americans: Article Analysis

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The two articles that I am using to make an argument is “Housing Instability and Food Insecurity as Barriers to Health Care Among Low-Income Americans” and the second article is called “Housing Insecurity and the Association with Health Outcomes and Unhealthy Behaviors”. The first article reveals the association between housing instability and food insecurity with poor health issues as a result. This first article reveals statistical data from an experiment conducted with 16, 651 low-income adults. According to the article, “Annually, 39 million persons experience food insecurity, Food insecurity is defined as having limited or uncertain availability of nutritionally adequate and safe foods or ability to acquire foods in a acceptable way” (pg 71). …show more content…

Similarly in the novel Barbara and her coworkers ate non-healthy food such as chips because that was the cheapest thing that they could afford to eat. However, when Barbara is in Minnesota she informs us that the cheapest thing that a person can eat is Chinese or KFC. Eating Kentucky Fried Chicken everyday is not healthy but is the cheapest so becomes a source of food for many. Also, in the first article it states that, “For food insecurity, we defined anyone having any positive response to the following 3 questions: in the past year did they, or their family, (1) worry that their food would run out, (2) have the food that they bought not last and not have money to buy more, and (3) cut the size of meals or skipped meals because there was not enough money for food” ( pg. 72). This quote is amazing because these questions are really bothering many who can’t afford food. It is hard for a person who is not paid enough to put food on the table for the entire family. However, these questions continue to bother many, leading to health problems such as

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