Health Care Disparity

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Healthcare disparities come in many different shapes, sizes, and forms. One health care disparity is the geography of where care is provided. Many seem to miss this aspect and it should be taken seriously on the account of where healthcare can be delivered to. I currently go serve in the Navajo Nation tribe in Arizona, Pine Springs for a church missionary to evangelize the gospel for the past two years. Within every visit, I witness the circumstances the Native American people live in, where poverty-smitten the communities. It troubles my heart to see many people living without their vaccines, having infected wounds due to the lack proper sanitation, and broken bones that didn’t heal properly. One day, while children were playing, a young boy…show more content…
Regardless of age, race, religion, and economic background, all should receive the same quality care without any bias. I strongly believe and concur with Senator Bernie Sander’s recent speech when he said the “Healthcare must be recognized as a right, not a privilege”. My personal experience about a maltreatment was of my beloved grandmother who had a tragically abrupt life ending while receiving treatment in America. Her urologist neglected to prescribe the right antibiotic treatment to clear her bladder infection before performing an extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy (ESWL) to break several kidney stones. Unfortunately, I witnessed firsthand the neglect that was administered towards my grandmother. I tried to reason about the doctor’s gross negligence while handling her case. I would ask myself repeatedly why the doctor’s failure of fiduciary duties to his patient was violated. I attuned that the doctor, who later admitted his mistake on behalf of my grandmother’s case, breached on a once established relationship with his patient. Being devoted to a patient’s wellbeing is an obligation that every doctor must fulfill. Continuing school and pursuing pre-med, I pray every day that I hold true to my devotion that one day I will deliver the care that every patient
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