Health Disparities In Hispanic Community

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The Hispanic community is a worldwide growing population, so my interest was to research and learn more about their health disparities; in an effort to inform other people about what’s happening now. Once I did the research to determine what my health and other disparities would be in a certain community I was amazed at the results. Hispanics are a susceptible minority group at a higher risk for diabetes because of lack of resources and proper health care. Today, Hispanics and Latinos are facing a dominant health challenge against diabetes mellitus which we need to get under control. Health studies done on a population of individual’s shows Hispanics to be unfairly affected by diabetes and bad glycemic control; compared to non-Hispanic whites…show more content…
Salud y Bienestar is a national program which helps to provide vital information to older Hispanics, as well as families, and their caregivers; about the best way to keep this condition under control and avoid further complications. It was originally founded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Partnering up with other groups provides a much better program with lots of resources. The program has a goal of lowering complications due to diabetes by providing better care among Hispanic older adults; delaying the start of diabetes. In order to achieve these goals they must partner with organizations who focus on the community as well as health professionals. DEEP is another program who focuses on educating the community through community health workers; educating them so they can pass information on with interactive activities and education methods. After a while they figured it would be best if the program was changed to reach Hispanics using the National Hispanic Council on Aging (NHCOA). These programs wanted to do an intervention in California, Texas, and Washington DC to…show more content…
Hispanic women should particularly focus on knowing everything they can about what’s going on with diabetes especially within their ethnic group; there are several groups which can help to inform you with new and innovative ways. Diabetes can be very harmful but when you take the proper steps each day, you won’t even have to worry about

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