Health Hygiene: An Introduction To Health Hazards

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6.1 Introduction to Health Hazard & Hygiene 6.1.1 Introduction to Health Hazard Hazards can be found in every workplace. Hazard is generally anything that makes you in a dangerous situation. Health hazard is means that the hazard brings negative effect and harm to the health which is may cause measurable changes in the body. There are many hazard in the workplaces have the potential to harm workers short-term and long-term health result in diseases, disorders and injuries. Occupational health is an important as occupational safety. However, occupational health generally receives less attention compare to the occupational safety in workplaces. Nowadays, most of the people were suffer ill-health caused by the workplace rather than suffer to…show more content…
However, based on the syllabus, we are only discuss and focuses on three types of health hazards which are chemical, biological and physical hazard which can harm or brings fatal effects in the workplaces. Firstly, chemical hazards are occur when a worker is exposed to any chemical preparation in the workplaces in any form such as mists, dusts, gases, vapors, liquids and fumes. Chemical hazards are either inhaled or absorbed through the skin or both. It may cause illness to some workers who are sensitive to the chemicals such as skin irritation or respiration problems. Chemical hazards mostly happen in laboratory and factory. Secondly, physical hazards are the activities that will threaten people physical safety which include noise, electricity, vibration and radiation. Physical hazards are the most common hazards will occur in the workplaces. These hazards will lead to illness, injury and even death. Physical hazards will happen in anywhere and…show more content…
Cancer is a serious body cell disorder in which the cells develop into tumours which is a disease caused by an uncontrolled division of abnormal cells in a part of the body. There are two types of tumour which are benign and malignant. Benign tumours do not spread but remain localised within the body and grow slowly. However, malignant tumours are called cancers and often grow rapidly and spreading to other organs using the bloodstream and lymphatic system. In recent years, the survival rates have increase significantly due to the improvement of the detection method and the tumours can be found in their early stages of

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