Health And Safety In Mining Industry Essay

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INTRODUCTION Safety and health in the mining industry has been a growing concern across countries worldwide. There has been a stable improvement of safety performance in the South African mining industry between the year 2003 and 2013, although injuries and fatalities remain high. This raises the concern to improve the health and safety of mine employees (M. da Silva da Mata & F. Kalema, 2013). H.A Strydom & N.D King (2009) states that, for effective managing and development of mining operations in South Africa, health and safety of employees must be an essential component in the industry. Corrective measures should be put into place to ensure that occupational diseases in the mining industry are preventable, not only for the employees but…show more content…
THE IMPORTANCE OF HEALTH AND SAFETY IN MINING INDUSTRY Health and safety in the organisation is very important because it helps the employers and employees to reduce accidents, injuries, illness and deaths. M.A. Hermanus (2007) states that injuries and illness have a big social and complications for people, their families and their society. They also have monetary impacts as explicit and implied expenses for society in general. HEALTH AND SAFETY The importance of health and safety in the mining is to make sure that the workers are safe. Secondly protected and productive extraction and transforming is one of the objectives of mining companies. The hazards related with the mining operating are more since they need to work on remote and less sociable locales. Thirdly it is the company’s duty to have a legitimate security system in place which guarantees the protected workplace in the mines. Mining organisations keep on focusing on the need of consideration on making a safe working condition for all their employees. Mining comprises of a wide range of exercises requiring special levels of physical capacity. These exercises affect the wellbeing of associates and customers, as well as everybody who shares the environment. The Mine Wellbeing and Security Inspectorate is focused on ensuring and advancing the wellbeing of the labourers in the mining
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