Hearing Loss Simulation Analysis

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Hearing loss simulation
As a student at Santa Ana College, I have had the privilege to embark on a wonderful exercise where I can experience hearing loss for a short period. In this particular task, I started with the preparations as first to insert one earplug in each ear for the duration of thirty minutes. Also as intended for this simulation, I am bound to insert both earplugs in each ear for the duration of thirty minutes. As a participant of this project, I will endure this for a total of an hour and thirty minutes. I feel that this will be challenging for me because I love to listen to music and talk on the phone.
For my first attempt, I shall insert an earplug in my right ear first. As I am carefully placing my earplug in my right ear, I noticed that I felt a little uneasy with this because I was not sure what to expect. For the first fifteen minutes, I was doing well as I was adjusting with the situation as I kept myself busy with my daily routine. My day was going smoothly as I was washing dishes and folding the laundry. Soon after the first fifteen minutes, I noticed that I have gradually lost my ability to comprehend words and content in my right ear. For example, my brother asked me “if I parked the car,” I thought he asked …show more content…

I defiantly had the chance to see the world through a different perspective. I have to say that this is one of the most challenging, strange, yet interesting task, I have ever performed. I can say that the thing that struck me the most was the fact that I need to work on maintaining a low volume on my iPod so I can continue to listen without harming my ears. I feel that this exercise was necessary for everyone who is concerned about hearing loss. As a student, I will constantly remind myself, and others to adjust the volume on daily devices such as radios and music players as they are dangerous to one

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