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The happy fun-filled day suddenly turned dark with worry (Bates 24). Heather Whitestone was just a little girl when she became deaf, no one, not even herself, knew that was going to happen. No one ever knows when something bad is going to happen in their life or someone else’s. For every disability, there are, disability details, how a person is connected to the disability, how a disability affects someone’s daily life, how that person either got over their disability or was cured from said disability, who influenced someone to overcome their disability, and finally how someone brought attention to the disability. Heather Whitestone won Miss America even though she was deaf. Just because someone has a disability does not mean they can’t do …show more content…

It was Christmas when Mrs. Whitestone dropped some cooking pans on the ground. She didn’t think anything of the quiet house. Then Whitestone’s grandmother called for Mrs. Whitestone. When she went in there, Whitestone wasn’t crying. She was sitting happily playing with her toys. Mrs. Whitestone got worried and took two of the pans that fell and hit them together as hard as she could over Whitestone’s head (Bates). Whitestone winning Miss America also helped her get noticed by millions of people (93). Surprisingly, there are many ways to become deaf. Being deaf may be passed down from parents or grandparents, though it is very rare (Woolley 6). There could have been an infection during pregnancy, a head injury, glue ear, age, certain medications, a slow-growing tumor, long term exposure to a loud noise or loud noises, chronic ear infection,meniere’s disease, or auditory neuropathy. Glue ear is when there is fluid in the ear were air is supposed to be and auditory neuropathy is an impaired signal transmission from the ear to the brain. “I never thought of myself as disabled.” said Heather Whitestone (“Heather Whitestone). No one ever thinks of themselves as disabled. Even though the whole world may know that one person has a disability, sometimes that person doesn’t know it. No one ever knows when it’s going to happen either, it just

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