Sound And Fury: Documentary Analysis

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I watched Sound and Fury, a documentary that came out in 2000, centered on the complications of getting the Cochlear Implant, and how Deaf and hearing communities can differ upon the topic. Particularly within one family, brothers along with their wives and parents have a tough time deciding if their Deaf children should undergo such a procedure. They all travel to visit families that are hearing with children who aren’t learning ASL because they have the implant. They visit a Deaf family whose 10-year daughter is the only person in the family to get the implant. They also visit schools focusing on speech to help Deaf children who wear hearing aids and/or got the Cochlear Implant, and visit a Deaf community with a school focused on ASL. Each …show more content…

While Peter is married to Nina, whose also Deaf, and they have 3 children, Chris is married to Mari (whose hearing) and they recently had twins. All of Peter’s children are Deaf but his 5-year-old daughter, Heather, expresses that she would like to get a Cochlear Implant for many reasons. In the beginning of the documentary, Heather signs that she wanted to get the implant because she wanted to hear everything, and needed to hear alarms, to be alert, and to use the telephone. Heather also wanted to know when horns were beeping/car crashes, and when other people were talking around her. She even made it clear to her mom, Nina, that she’ll talk and sign, thus still being intact with Deaf culture, while being a part of the Hearing world. Peter has always been against the Cochlear Implant but still researches along with Nina, and as Nina goes to find out the pros and cons of her getting the implant, and hearing success, which will be completely different from a young child getting it, she quickly feels discouraged and decides not to get it for her or her daughter. Peter and Nina visited families, schools, doctors etc and came to the conclusion that their daughter wouldn’t be getting it, she still young and can still be successful in life while being Deaf. When they visited Maryland, a community filled with Deaf people and a good school, they decide to move

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