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Hemophilia, Hemophilia is a rare genetic disorder, which prevents blood from clotting. Hemophilia could occur in both a female and male, but most commonly in males (Learning about Hemophilia 2011). Classic Hemophilia affects approximately every ten thousand person in the population (Elaine Sergis 1972). There are two common Hemophilia disorders, which are Hemophilia A and Hemophilia B. Hemophilia A is the most common one, it is caused by having low levels of clotting factor VIII (Mayo Clinic Staff 2014). Hemophilia B is caused by not having enough clotting factor IX (Mayo Clinic Staff 2014). People with Hemophilia are basically lacking in a protein that the body needs to proceed a process of blood clotting. Basically how it works is, you tend to bleed in a longer period of time then people with out the condition, which bleed till the protein in the blood helps clot the wound to stop the bleeding. Though hemophilia is inherited but could also be obtained by people who do not have it nowhere in family history. There have been cases of about 30 …show more content…

As we all learn in high school science you are either an XY or an XX, meaning a boy or a girl. Your mother always gives an X and it depends on the father to give a Y or an X to determine the sex of the child. XY is for a male and XX for a female. When it comes to inheriting hemophilia, there are different ways to inherit the different types of hemophilia. Usually when inheriting hemophilia A or B it is transferred through the X chromosome, which is from the mother (Mayo Clinic Staff 2014). As for the third type of hemophilia, hemophilia C the disorder is passed on to the child through either of the parents (Mayo Clinic Staff 2014). Even though A and B are transferred from the mom to boys only, hemophilia C is to either child, boy or

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