Noonan Syndrome Research Paper

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Noonan Syndrome
Having a family member or child with an uncommon condition can be pretty extreme. When it comes to these conditions, they are usually some sort of mutation or run in the family 's genetics. Noonan Syndrome is a rare condition that affects an individual 's physical appearance, mental state, and genetic makeup, but varies in each affected person.
In 1963, Noonan Syndrome was first described by a heart-specialist, Jacqueline Noonan. Of course, the condition will most likely involve a heart problem, which is discovered at birth, along with a webbed neck, chest deformities, many birth marks, also known as café-au-lait spots, and a short stature. The features of this syndrome are not fully known, considering the fact that there are numerous characteristics and no two infected individuals have the same exact features.
Like in most other disease cases, there are lists of more minor symptoms that can occur in an individual. In infants and newborns, feeding problems are present, due to a poor sucking reflex. Behavioral problems and developmental delays can occur, which causes the individual to achieve milestones slower, such as sitting and walking. According to NORD, "affected individuals may experience abnormal delays in the acquisition of skills requiring the coordination of mental and muscular activity (psychomotor …show more content…

Type 1, also known as NS1 and Male Turner syndrome, individuals are affected with most characteristics above. One added effect is the low number of blood platelets, which means blood clotting is very uncommon in these individuals. NS2 is closely related to NS1, except for the inheritance pattern. The last type of the condition is neurofibromatosis-Noonan syndrome, but it is really just an overlap of neurofibromatosis and NS1, however, it is only a chance occurrence, because "these conditions have two distinct gene locations, with no apparent overlap" (Gale

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