Describe Brain Injuries

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Describe brain injuries that are: Mild – Mild brain injuries can be reversible and the individual may make a full recovery. The individual may not have acquired loss of consciousness or only lose consciousness for no more than a few minutes. They may receive rehab and physio treatment that can correct their injury to improve their well-being. Moderate – The individual will lose consciousness for longer periods of time and may need longer to recover. Some symptoms may stay with the individual and they may not recover from them. Severe – The individual will lose consciousness for more than 24 hours and may need life support machinery to help them breathe, the brain may starve from oxygen and cause injury. This can lead to loss of mobility, communication, talking and eating and drinking and may mean they become nil by mouth. Discuss initial effects of acquired brain injury on the individual The initial effects of acquired brain injury on the individual can upset, confuse, frustrate and anger them as they may struggle to focus, achieve, do and say things that they could easily before. Their cognitive, physical and emotional function will be altered and they will find it difficult and frustrating to adapt to. The individual may need help …show more content…

The individual may need support or assistance with weakness from limbs and walking, sitting, transferring, washing and bathing. They may need a wheelchair for a period of time or for the foreseeable future. They may acquire speech and communication difficulties. The individual may find it difficult to express themselves through facial expressions and body language. Although some people may acquire rehabilitation and physio treatment and make a full recovery or have physical effects that many individuals will not be able to recognise or know

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