Henrietta Lacks Experience In Mawson's Horror Story

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Horror. The best word to describe all three of these stories. The one word to explain every single experience. Phineas experienced horror when he had his metal rod go through his head. Mawson experienced horror the whole time. Lacks and her family mainly experienced horror once they found out the truth. Out of all three stories, Mawson’s story best describes horror. Mawson faced the worst is because he watched people and pets die. Him and his team ate their dogs once they died. Mawson also had the rest of his team die. Another reason he faced the worst was because he came close to death multiple times. He was near death throughout most of his story because of the freezing temperatures. He also almost died when he fell in a hidden crevasse. A third reason he faced the worst because he had some disgusting experiences. The main experience was when the soles of …show more content…

One reason for this is because her worst experience was her death due to cancer. Most of her story is about her immortal cells and her family. Another bad experience was for her family. Henrietta’s cells did not stop reproducing which meant she had immortal cells. The doctors used the cells to discover cures for diseases and made a bunch of money. The issue was that her family never found out and never got any money from their mother's cells. Finally, her family found out about this 20 years later. Those doctors secretly profited for 20 years before Henrietta’s family found out. Some people would argue that Phineas Gage faced the worst. One reason they would say this is because he was conscious during and after his accident. Phineas felt his tamping iron go through his head and felt everything after it. Another reason they would say this is because had to wait a while before he got help. He also had some of the most disgusting experiences. His other disgusting experience was getting a fungal infection on his brain and having it extracted through his

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