Henry Puyi: The Last Emperor

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His life has been strange and tragic. For a time in the Confucian belief, he was a recognized emperor longer than most he realized that he spent in most of his life while he spent his life as a powerless prisoner because of the designs and expectations of people surrounding him.
The name Henry that Pu-‘I was also known was taken from his siblings. He was reigned as the emperor Hsuan-tung and later as emperor Kang The but due to the film made showing his life, it earns many awards that cause him to be known as “The Last Emperor”. 2.) The biography, inclusive of the entire life history, contributions, impact, legacy, notoriety
Short biography
Puyi, in wade-Giles Romanizationterm Pu-‘I, is also known as Henry Puyi who reigned by the name Xuantong …show more content…

The “Act of Abdication of the Emperor of the Great Qing” was under a deal brokered by Yuan Shikai ( the great general of the army Beiyang) when Empress Dowager Longyu signed the act with the presence of the republicans in the Southern China and Imperial Court in Beijing.
Because of “Articles of the Favorable Treatment of the Emperor of the Great Qing after his Abdication,” Puyi needed to retain his imperial title and will be treated by the protocol attached to a foreign monarch by the government of the Republic. Puyi, with imperial court was given the chance to remain only in the northern half of the Forbidden City (staying in the private apartments) as well as in the Summer …show more content…

The Restoration of Puyi
In the year 1917, Zhang Xun which is the warlord general, restored Puyi’s throne for 12 days starting from July one up to July 12. For the 12 days of his restoration, false queues has been bought by the male residents of Beijing (queues are referred to as “pigtails”) in order to avoid certain penalty for cutting of their pigtails in 1912. It also happens that in his first 12 days, the Forbidden City has gone under a minor damage caused by a one small bomb carried by a republican plane. This bombing was considered to be the first aerial bombardment happened in the Eastern Asia.
Due to the extensive opposition across China and because of another warlord general named Duan Qirui decisive intervention, the restoration of the City failed.in the mid of July, the streets of Beijing was filled with thousands of men with false queues which is said to be discarded so easy because it was bought.
In 1924, Puyi was expelled from the Forbidden City in Beijing by warlord Feng Yuxiang so he privately left Peking and choose to stay in the Japanese concession at

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