Hero Vs The Incredibles Essay

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Hero vs The Incredibles
Hero or Ajusshi is a typical hero movie where the hero tries to keep his head down and live his own live but some sort of event brings him to finally act in name of justice. In the movie Cha Tae-sik is a pawnshop owner whose only friend is a little girl. When she gets kidnapped due to her mom stealing drugs from a gang. He goes to great lengths in order to save the little girl. The audience learns that Cha Tae-sik used to be part of the special unit in the Korean Navy who was highly skilled at his job. However, his wife and is unborn baby died due to his occupation. This leads to him resentment of the world and he lives his life for the sake of living. The little girl most likely reminded of what could’ve been if he …show more content…

The audience were not shown enough of their background to fully understand why he cared for the little girl so much. While we know that he sees her as something like a daughter, from the little background we got I did not get the impression they are close. I wish they showed more interactions between these two characters which would have made more impact on the whole story. When he found out So-mi and her mom were kidnapped he panicked; this would have had a better impact if they developed the relationship between the characters because he took a huge risk when he came out of his quiet life to save her.
I decided to compare this film to the beloved animated film, The Incredibles. Although the Incredibles is an animated film, some aspects of this movie are similar to Hero. The Incredibles is one of my all-time favorite movie to watch. In the beginning, super heroes are held in high regards however due to some mistakes caused by the heroes they are forced to go underground. The two main characters marry Mr. Incredible or Bob and Elaticgirl know as Helen and have kids and settle down. The story focuses on the relationship between the kids who have superpower and the superhero

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