Heroes Foreshadowing Analysis

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Robert Cormier wrote his book Heroes in 1998. The book is about a character named Francis who fought in World War II and he for some reason wants to kill Larry LaSalle but no one knows why. Cormier uses foreshadowing and flashbacks to make the story suspenseful and to continue to grab the reader’s attention. Cormier uses foreshadowing to create suspense that Francis Cassavant is going to kill Larry LaSalle. In the book Heroes, it says, ““Then I am filled with guilt and shame, knowing that I have just prayed for the man I am going to kill¨(Cormier 8). In conclusion, Cormier creates suspense by right in the beginning of the book, he has Francis say he will kill Larry LaSalle. In that part of the book, we don’t know who Larry is, and we don’t know why Francis wants to kill him. Cormier uses a flashback to create suspense by going back to Larry and Francis talking to each other at the Wreck Center.. In the book Heroes, it says, “I correct him gently, remembering Larry LaSalle and my brief moment as the table tennis champion at the wreck center.’I think I have the perfect sport for you.’ In spite of my doubts, my interest quickened. Larry LaSalle’s opinion could never be dismissed. (Cormier 54-56).Cormier uses a flashback to create suspense when he goes back to where Larry suggests Francis …show more content…

In the book Heroes it says, “The smell of ashes fills the air, a damp incense burning for Larry LaSalle’s homecoming. His second homecoming. Closing my eyes, I think of Nicole and how his first homecoming during the war changed our lives forever”(Cormier 85). Cormier uses foreshadowing to create suspense by he has Francis say that Larry LaSalle’s first homecoming changed his and Nicole’s lives forever. It does by when Larry comes home during the war, he sexually assaults Nicole while Francis is secretly still in the wreck center with them. Francis who is afraid of Larry who is older can’t do anything and he runs

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