Rash Foreshadowing Analysis

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Has there ever been a time when something was seen and a thought was brought to mind, what if, the universe was trying to speak to you saying that would happen to that you in the future? What about when it actually happened? Pete Hautman’s book Rash does just this in the act of foreshadowing. There are many times in the book when something is said or happens and then later in the book, a larger scale of that event or act happens. It brings about a strange sense of Deja vu. Such as Bo’s grandfather would always say “Run like a bear is chasing you!” (Hautman, 34). Then at the prison later in the story, a bear actually chases him, this is just one example of foreshadowing in this story and there are many more. Sometimes all that is needed to motivate someone is the idea of a bear chasing him. Running was always Bo’s …show more content…

Bork said, “...Speaking of probability, I should inform you that your chances of being returned to the penal system are quite high,” (Hautman, 213). As seen Bork does not think Bo would stay free, which is a foreshadow for Bo’s father going back to prison voluntarily. His father going back was a shock and even Bo considered it but since he felt like he could go to another country he wanted to try his chances elsewhere. Bo’s father could not assimilate like Bo and thus why he went back to normal prison voluntarily. Bo’ family had a history in anger and violence/rage and continue for as long as the Marston family lives on. This of course is shown by the foreshadow of Bo’s father and brother going back to prison. Bo even went as far as immigrating to another country to get away from further damaging himself. The men in the family will always have raging anger issues while the family will always pay. Foreshadowing in Pete hautman’s Rash was cornucopia of foreshadows and twists and turns and the Marston's will continue to deal with the issues that come with the impulses of

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