High School Sports Research Paper

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Sports are a cherished activity all over the world. Everyone of all ages can enjoy an energetic high school baseball or football game. But what about the student-athletes who are playing? While the star athlete is being cheered on, what's the 4.0 GPA student doing? Not getting ready for a pep rally held for them that's for sure. Sports are recognized far more than the students actually succeeding in their classes. This causes many problems for the students and student-athletes. The mental strain, the effect of the education of students, and the grievous injuries you can get from sports are all prime reasons that we need to reconsider how we view high school sports.
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Robert J. Rossi, Chief Compliance Officer and Senior Vice President at True Health Diagnostics LLC, said the heavy time demands on student-athletes make it "more difficult for them to make academics their first priority than it is for other students." (3) One of his studies found that football and basketball players have an average grade-point average of 2.46 on a 4-point scale. The average for other high school athletes was 2.61. (3) Sports being the highest priority is not a prevalent problem in the rest of the world. Unlike in America, in South Korea, whose 15-year-olds rank fourth in the world on a test of critical thinking in math. The U.S. ranks 31st on the same international math test. (6) Not to mention nine out of ten foreign students who had lived in the U.S. said that kids here in the U.S. cared more about sports than the other kids in their home country. In Finland and Germany, many kids play club sports in their local towns, outside of school. (6) Most schools do not staff, manage, transport, insure, or glorify sports teams, because, well, why would they? Because what is school for? Educating, not sports. The United States spends more tax dollars per high-school athlete than per high-school math student. Americans seem to always complain where their tax money goes, well your glorified football and baseball teams are taking from your honors

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