Hillary Clinton's Speech On Human Rights

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Have you ever wonder how is it to be a girl with no privileges whatsoever! When a girl goes to school she except a full education and an equal educational opportunity, with a teacher that will support her and will not limit her ability considering that she’s a girl. Educating the females is the enormous strategy that will make the change to get the gender equality back on track. According to the UNICEF, “31 million girls, are out of school and two thirds of illiterate adults are women.” Education is one of the most importance human right, everybody has the right for receiving an education In view of the fact that it will impact their lives and their future, also in achieving their human rights. Yet, the majority of people think women…show more content…
A woman is human, she’s not a thing to look upon, or a material to play with. The women in this century have limited choices. However, that’s something without a doubt must modify straightaway, besides every female has the right unquestionably to say what she like. A great number of woman encounters an enormous amount of hardship during their life as result of the unfairness that the females receive. Due to the lack of education, the absence of gender equality in the workplace and the force lifestyle they oblige to endure, woman are required to stand together as one to conduct this practice and obtain a healthy life for girls and woman as an individual being with privileges and rights to inspire and maintain the society, in addition they have the choice to pursue their dreams freely. Furthermore, people need to stop limiting the female gender and suspended them from the community since we can tell the women are empowering the community. People should make sure that men and women take their equal rights and promote it as part of being a
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