The Roaring Twenties Outline Essay

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The Roaring Twenties
I. The Roaring Twenties altered the everyday lives of many Americans. Many more people listened to music, women became more liberated, and there was a rise in the number of people smoking and drinking. The list goes on and on. Many major events took place in the twenties like women getting the right to vote, the ratification of the 19th Amendment (Prohibition), and the publication of “The Great Gatsby”. As a whole the Roaring Twenties were pictured as a time of independence and freedom. Along with the rebellious tone to the era, the Roaring Twenties were a time of modifications to society as well as a period of convivial prosperity. II. The spreading of jazz music …show more content…

Next was Warren G. Harding, who served from 1921-1923.
a. Unfortunately, President Harding died in office.
3. Finally, Americans were under the leadership of Calvin Coolidge, the former vice-president of President Harding, from 1923-1929.
a. While President Coolidge was in office he embraced the policy of laissez-faire, meaning that the government will stay out of business affairs unless people’s rights are threatened.
b. Most Americans agreed with the policy seeing that the unemployment rates fell and people embraced a get rich quick attitude.
B. One of the major events that took place in the 20’s was the rise of the Ku Klux Klan.
1. The Ku Klux Klan, also known as the KKK, was a group of white Americans who did not want people of different skin colors to be free as American citizens.
2. They were known to burn crosses in African Americans front yards as well as performing acts of violence and brutality.
3. On August 8th, 1925 the KKK marched in Washington as a sign of their dominance and power.
4. This unleashed a new wave of uncertainty along with more racial tension.
5. The KKK led to unstable race relations that would erupt in the coming decades and were only made worse by the Immigration

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