Hitler Death Camp Research Paper

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Can describe what a Death Camp was and what the conditions were like for prisoners

Death camps were horrific places where undesirable were sent to die or work as slaves. Some were put in gas chambers on arrival, other were shot simply because a guard wanted to. Some dies of disease, most were worked to death or starved. They had to sleep in cramped places and only had one pair of clothes. There was one big bucket for waste that was filled with diseases. (located in other countries)

Can tell you what the Final Solution was and how Germany used industry, military, and technology to carry it out

The final solution was the idea that Hitler wanted to kill all Jews. He used companies like IG farben to gases Jew in death camps with Zyklon B. So that they could kill …show more content…

Can define what Anti-Semitism is and how Hitler used it to gain power in Germany

After WW1, the Treaty of Versailles, which was inflicted unfairly on Germany to cripple them after they lost, was a major part of what let Hitler come to power. This accompanied by Anti-semitism, the discrimination of Jews, which was used to pin the blame on the Jews of Europe. They were blamed for Germany’s economic struggles which bolstered nationalism amongst German citizens. Which in turn, it also led to Hitler’s appointment as Chancellor of Germany.
Can list at least (4) ways that Jews were discriminated against during the Holocaust

The Holocaust showed a number of different types of discrimination like: having to wear a the Star of david on their coat, they weren’t allow bike, they had a strict curfew, and couldn’t own businesses.
Can list at least (4) ways that Jews were persecuted during the

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