Racism And Discrimination During The Holocaust

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Taking the lives of 6 million Jews alone, the Holocaust is one of , if not the, greatest tragedies in history. It is completely deranged that at one point in time, millions of people stood by and supported Adolf Hitler. Adolf was a man who stored so much hatred towards Jews, homosexuals, Gypsies, etc., that he found it acceptable to kill them through mass shootings, gassings, and Nazi camps. Other times called ‘concentration camps,’ the mere idea of Nazi camps was purely wicked. Disease, forced labor, starvation, and murder are only a few things that were incorporated into these camps. During this time, Jews (and every other group affected) were absolutely dehumanized. Once they arrived to these camps, typically through compact trains, they were not only stripped of the few items they had brought, but were stripped of their names, families and friends, usual lives, and any dignity or hope they had once had. …show more content…

It is extremely important that people of all ages are informed of the millions of innocent people that died due to one man’s despise towards them. Therefore, people are able to see how severe discrimination, intolerance, and racism can affect people, families, and even entire nations. If history does repeat itself, it is best people do all they can to learn about the Holocaust in order to prevent another mass genocide based off of hatred in the

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