Oskar Schindler Essay

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The Holocaust was a destruction of many people. There were some people who were resistant against the holocaust. Such as Oskar Schindler who may have just been one person but made a huge difference by saving a thousand people. These heroic people saved many lives and made a great change. Oskar Schindler was born April 28, 1908, in the city of Svitavy, in the Sudetenland now know as Czech Republic. The oldest of two children Oskar’s father, Hans Schindler, was a farm equipment manufacturer. His mother, Louisa, was a housewife. Oscar and his sister, Elfriede attended a German school where he was popular though not a great student. Not taking the opportunity to attend college he went to trade school.After leaving school her started taking odd jobs. A couple years later her married Emilie Pelzl and was soon called to war. After that he worked for his father’s company until the business failed because of the economic depression. He then started a new company, …show more content…

We must learn that many people risked their life for Jews and tried to help them. Even if there are a lot more people trying to hurt them what mattered was that there were good people helping. As an example, Oskar Schindler a Holocaust resistant saved many, many Jews. He wasted all his money and all his time to save them. Schindler show’d us that anything we do can help people no matter small. One person could be the difference of 1,000 lives. The Holocaust now serves as a time to learn what can happen and how innocent people can be hurt over something that could have been avoid. It serves as a time to not repeat our mistakes. It shows us the consequences of the action of others. Most of all it’s initial to ask ourselves about the lessons we learn because even though we say that the Holocaust won’t ever occur again, it still is, all over the

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