Hitler Youth Essay

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Hitler Youth During the beginning of the Holocaust, there was a group that trained to think and act like Hitler. This is the group called Hitler Youth. Even though most people do not know about Hitler Youth, it has a lot of history about how Adolf Hitler influenced the young children of Germany to think that they are better than someone else just because of their heritage. The Hitler Youth was started to achieve Hitler’s goal and to achieve the Holocaust, but failed.
Part of Hitler’s plan was to choose the children to start teaching them his beliefs. According to the Britannica website,“Hitler Youth, Germany Hitlerjugend, “organization set up by Adolf Hitler in 1933, for educating and training male youth Nazi principles' ' (Britannica). …show more content…

Information by Encyclopedia cites that, “By the outbreak of war in 1939, the Hitler Youth had already prepared a generation of young people to fight the war and occupy foreign territory” (Encyclopedia). Hitler had set these young men and women to be prepared to fight for what Hitler thought was right. The next generation who are too young to fight yet can still help. “For the kids who were too young to fight would make care packages for the soldiers who were fighting in WW2”(Encyclopedia). Even if the kids were too young to fight, it was made that they should help their people who were in combat and care for them, but it was wrong for them to be fighting in the first place. John Simikin commented that”, The Hitler Youth were always making trips somewhere. One felt like part of a community. Mostly it was the case that those you went to school with or who were in your class were all involved... the Nazis understood well how to fill people with enthusiasm for certain things" (Spartacus Educational). Hitler wanted to make people believe that it is fun and easy to join the group rather than not join it and avoid the Nazi ways of life. His goal was to lead kids to believe that he was correct and if more children joined, the more future soldiers he would have,but this would soon come to an

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