Holden Caulfield Flaws

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In the story The Catcher in the Rye written by J.D. Salinger. This story is about a teenager who feels misplaced in life and is unhappy with his surroundings. The main character, Holden Caulfield, hops around from school to school taking us on his adventure from school in Pennsylvania to his house in New York City. If Holden, or a child like him were to attempt this by themselves today they wouldn 't succeed like Holden did. In the story Holden does many crazy things that a teenager wouldn 't be able to do . For example Holden left school by himself ,he also got into his sister 's school without having to sign in at an office . Along the way he does many unintelligent things as well. First, Holden left school by himself . Holden went to an ivy league school, which means you pay to go there. He was getting kicked out around Christmas break so it would have been easier for him to leave ;however, schools today would have still called a parent. Nowadays, when a student doesn 't show up to school their parents get phone calls, texts, email, all day until they answer and let the school know where their child is . In the story Holden leaves at night so no one would see him even though today there would be a …show more content…

Then, in the story holden wants to leave his home in New York and he decides that he wants to say goodby to his little sister. Holden wrote a note and just walked into her school no questions asked by counsels ,students,teachers, and even secretaries . This is highly unlikely nowadays if you spend more than five minutes in a school people know you are in there. Once I decided to go visit my home district to say hi to my old teachers. I walked through the door didn 't see anyone began walking to one of the classes when I heard along the loudspeaker “this is a lock down repeat, this is a lock down “I ran to the office when I saw the principal and he said “Matt it 's just you” then grabbed his walkie talkie and called off the

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