Holden Caulfield Monologue

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Well, I’m guessing you’re probably wondering what became of ol’ Holden Caulfield after everything that happened to me ten years ago. To tell you the truth, I really don’t feel like talking about it, but I guess I’ll tell you anyway. Let’s start where I left off, the mental institution I put myself in. God that place killed me. I remember when they took everything I wrote for “evaluation. They came up with this phony story of how, get this, “what I wrote and what I really am are two totally different people.” Whatever, people lie about themselves and what happens to them all the time. The funny part of the matter is, he was the phoniest of all the people I’ve ever come across. Anyway, once I got out of there, while I did feel much…show more content…
They are proud of me for all I’ve done, everything I’ve had to go through, all the adversity I’ve fought through. Phoebe is now an actress in Broadway, God I’m so proud of her. I always told her she could do it, ever since her play ten years ago. That’s all I really have to say about my family, except for the fact that I still miss Allie so much. Oh, and D.B. is still writing in Hollywood, selling out all his stuff. So we’re all very wealthy, and doing well. In other news, I’m living in Pennsylvania near the woods. I’ve always felt at home near the woods, even if I was raised in the big city. I really got into hunting, and fishing, but especially hunting. I love hunting. Not so much the real aspect of hunting for game or anything, I’m actually an animal rights activist, if you want to know the truth. I just like to go out and be peaceful, and get some alone time, and write. I would never shoot an animal. I love them like I do kids. See, I have at least twenty pets altogether: dogs, cats, birds, even a monkey. People think I’m nuts because of all the damn animals I have. I agree with them, I like animals way too much. I treat my dogs like I would my own kids, maybe better. I don’t know, it’s just a hobby
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