Holy Christianity Research Paper

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The Church of holy virgin
Design and aesthetic elements
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Christianity is one of the most important religious that had spread and effected our recent time and history. As any religious, Christianity has its own features and element which distinguishes it. It also has its own architect and aesthetic elements which shown clearly in the Churches which is the main place of worship in Christianity. Churches was built and decorated according to different events stories. One of the most famous stories in the Christianity is the migration of the Holy Family from Jerusalem to Egypt, and …show more content…

Mercurius the equestrian saint with two swords “Abu-Seifeen”. On the contrary of the church of Holy Virgin, the church of St. Mercurius has a double aisle of wooden chairs. This church is decorated with many different icons, theirs thirteen main icons on it, one of them is for the Virgin Mary and other twelves icons is for Al-said Al-Masseh students, also it has icons in the walls such as the icon of the St. Mercurius. The church is approximately rectangular shape and has a doom and a celling with the form of Noah's Ark, and as in the Holy Virgin church there is a colored windows and skylight. Also the church has the style of arches and vaults. Now about the second church is the Church of St. George we can say that this church is founded upper than the other two churches in this complex. As in the St. Mercurius it has double aisle, and the main aesthetics element in the church is that it has a clear icons for Al-said Al-Masseh and icons that shown the crucifixion, icons for St. George and for

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