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Comparing and Contrasting: Kek and Ganwar Home of the Brave is a book written by Katherine Applegate. It is about a boy named Kek, a refugee from Sudan, after he moves to Minnesota. Kek is eleven years old, and he lives with his aunt and his cousin, Ganwar, seventeen years old. The two are also Sudanese refugees who fled to America after their family members were killed. Ganwar and Kek are very different. They are not polar opposites, but they’re still quite different from each other. I’d love you to tighten your sentence structure here – you can combine quite a few of your sentences. Then, come up with a couple more background items – like the fact that both suffer from nightmares (PTSD). Ganwar and Kek come to America with shared experiences in their past. They are both related, they’ve both lost family, and they’re both Sudanese refugees who resettled in America. Near the middle of the novel, Kek finds a job at an old, crippling farm run by an old lady named Lou. Not long after, Ganwar gets a job there as well. Back in Sudan, they were both in herding families. Their culture reveres cows. Elaborate here – if they come from herding families and revere cows how is that connected to Lou’s farm? You have to spell it out for the reader. Kek and Ganwar are …show more content…

For example, Kek is a go-getter cliche, but Ganwar cannot find a job. “Dave turns to Ganwar, who’s sprawled on the couch like a dozing dog. Actually, I’ve been meaning to talk to you about a job, buddy.” (108). Ganwar also hates school, but Kek loves school “How was school? she asks. You will not believe it, I say. They teach you and feed you and I have my own desk.” (86). Explain each quote and its connection to your argument. Spell it out for the dummy reader. There is also a large age difference, as previously mentioned. “Ganwar is in eleventh grade, you will be in fifth.” (26). The age difference also leads into another

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