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“Denver Made the Right Move on Homeless Camps” The article “Denver Made the Right Move on Homeless Camps” by The Denver Post editorial board is about the the fight Dever is fighting against homelessness. The article explains how city officials are trying to get homeless people off the streets and into shelters. A reason why Denver officials want to remove the homeless from streets is the camp 's cause health and safety issues and are also against the city’s ordinances. A problem some citizens of Denver have is certain people believe the city ordinances creates homeless people to become criminals. The problem city officials have with this belief is, homeless shelters have enough room and there is no reason why the homeless individuals should be out on the street. City officials in Denver even store confiscated belongings for thirty days allowing the owner to retrieve them. Denver is trying to reduce their homeless rate, but have an issue with getting homeless to go into the shelter either because they have an issue with the with rules on drug use or they have personal preference. Nevertheless, Denver officials are going to continue in their effort to reduce the city’s…show more content…
It is no surprise that some people would have an issue with the city officials getting involved. Some people just believe nothing needs to be done because the homeless are not harming anyone, but they are. The city officials found a study which showed homeless camps have an effect on public health and public safety (“Denver Made the Right Move on Homeless Camps”). The study informed city officials of the issue which caused city officials to begin work on getting homeless people help and getting them into a shelter. Denver is setting an example which should be recognized by other states. The outstanding work that is being done should continue and other states should try to reduce their homeless rates like Denver

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