Homeless College Students

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According to the dictionary, poverty is the state of lacking sufficient money or material possessions. Poverty is not just for the weak and frail. Poverty is a challenge that defines an individual as they go through it; the person can either accept the situation and fall even further or push themselves to have a new lifestyle. One main aspect of becoming homeless is buying cigarettes. Cigarettes tranquilize hunger pains and mental distress. Buying these drugs only push one further into poverty. Some people say,”smoking becomes a comfort as they try to create ways to get food.”(“For the Poor, Cigarettes a Salve for Hunger Pangs and Mental Woes.”) That is not the only way to get food. Tobacco may help your emotional state, merley it only…show more content…
Poverty does have many effects such as;embarrassment,depression, and fatigued. People in poverty may be embarrassed to seek assistance. Often college students live in their cars, campus buildings, or on their friends’ couches or even floors to hide the fact they live in poverty. Most individuals are scared to tell their parents and don’t want the pity. They’re afraid their own parents will disapprove and be upset. Some of the pupils, even use their loan money to pay for their monthly student housing bill. (“Helping Homeless College Students.”) Many individuals in poverty also develop signs of depression. Like feeling lonely and treated like trash. Poverty is inquiring for help daily. Many veterans who returned home from Vietnam are looking for a home and don’t have a family. Numerous places in the world have homes for these people who have fought for their lives and it provides them with shelter, food, and even a job. These homes for the veterans let them adjust back to their regular life. Poverty not only affects a person to be physically tired, but it also influences them into being mentally tired. Being mentally tired is feeling like they can’t do anything and their thinking doesn’t function
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