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Homelessness in Toronto 1. What is the issues or problem that you are addressing? For this project, the problem I will be addressing is homelessness in Toronto. As of 2013, over 5000 Torontonians were homeless, and even more are at risk. In 2017, the number has certainly increased. Homelessness occurs in the event that a person cannot afford to keep their home, gets evicted and cannot find another home, etc. 2. How did this issue or problem start? What were the origins? Homelessness has always been a problem. People have always been living on the streets because they don 't have a home. Wether it 's because they couldn 't support themselves and lost their home, or they ran away from an abusive home at a young age, many …show more content…

Homelessness needs to be addressed because of its severity. So many people living on the streets regardless of gender, race, or age. When someone becomes homeless, it is very difficult for them to get back on their feet. To no longer be homeless, it 's good to start by getting a job. Homeless people often struggle with this since in order to get a job, you often need a home address so your letter can be mailed to you. This can be difficult for those who are homeless since they don 't have a home. On top of that, there aren 't enough homeless shelters for everyone, so a warm place in winter may end up being difficult to find. About 24 homeless people die every year. 82% are male, 22% are below the age of 40. 4. Who are the stakeholders and what are their respective interests? In this scenario, the people who will benefit from stopping homelessness would be those who are homeless. If we stop homelessness, those without homes would no longer be homeless. They 'd have a home, they 'd get another chance. 5. What will be your focus? My focus will be regional, maybe even beyond that. Should I be able to stop homelessness in Toronto, other cities, provinces, maybe even countries could follow the same steps I took and end homelessness in …show more content…

The Homelessness Iniiatives and Prevention Services is responsible for figuring out how the funds for the problem are being used. They can be contacted by enabling ssha@toronto.ca or socialhousing@toronto.ca, they can also be contacted by calling 416-392-9093 regarding street homes, 416-392-4126 regarding housing stability services or 416-392-7198 regarding service system planning and integrity unit. Homelessness is a serious problem all over the world. Every country feels the effects. Homelessness is generally worse in areas with a poor economy, but it varies from city to city. Since homelessness can be a very general topic, homelessness in Toronto will be the focus. In order to end homelessness, new tactics needs to be explored. These tactics include finding more funds, trying another approach to giving homeless people homes, funding more rehabilitation and more. First off, a program that is called "housing first" would be the main goal as well as funding rehabilitation to help people with alcohol or drug addictions. The "housing first" program is a program that puts those who are homeless in an apartments for a fraction of the regular cost until they can get back on their feet. With a fixed address, those who were once homeless can not only have a home, but will also have access to more health-care services, social services and, most importantly, jobs. Something else that needs to be done is battling addiction. While living on the streets, people

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