Homelessness In Toronto

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Walid Ali-Gami Miss.Krasnozon,h CGC 1D0-K Jan 20,2016 The Homeless In Toronto The Homeless In Toronto is a growing problem that affects many people including the government. The homeless in Toronto is a difficult sight to see; John Tory, the city mayor has noted his embarrassment to seeing this growing issue on the streets of Toronto. There are various ways that this issue effects the city, through the economy, the environment, jobs, stores along with having a social impact on the city. One would assume that all the money raised by various charities would lead to a decrease in the amount of homeless individuals, but there has been no notably large difference. The homeless in Toronto affecting the …show more content…

When this happens they will produce less affecting the economy. Even if taxes are not raised, the governments money that could be used for other things such as building roads, scholarship programs, and tourist attractions that would benefit our economy greatly. But instead the money would be used for the homeless people, the economy would take a majour plummet in finances. The homeless affecting the environment. The environment is taking a heavy toll on the garbage that the homeless leave behind. If you were to visit the Don River in Toronto, the river has washed away many trash, litter, and human waste, 70% of the trash there in linked to the homeless community 's that stay there. The 5219 homeless people who live along Toronto are living on their own dirt and trash that they leave there causing damage to the Earth. The homeless shoplifting affecting shops and industries. There is 5219 homeless living in Toronto, you might ask how do they get paid, some pick up cans and bottles and sell them to the alluimun can recycling facillites, others panhandle begging for money, and others have

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