Homestretch Documentary Analysis

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The homestretch documentary movie is a very good movie that can encourage everyone to do good for people and at the same time for homeless people. There are a lot of people out there because they did not get a chance to go to school or work they become thief. From Roquy, Kasey, and Anthony story I am touched by the homestretch good job. Roquy is an emigrant who used to live with his family. His dad had a immigration problem and he has to leave him by himself. His mother got remarried therefore, he is trying to settle down and live by himself. Kasey is a lesbian. Her parents can not accept that she is a lesbian and then she run out of her grandmother house and start living on the street before she joined the homestretch. The last person is Anthony was a homeless since he was fourteen.
While I was watching the documentary I reality that there are a lot of peoples have a good heart to help people. I am really amazed and touched by Roquy teacher. She is the most amazing person. Having a supportive adult for one homeless youth means a lot. This lady bring him to her house and gives him a place to stay with her and her family. I feel like he did not even get such kind of love from his own family. It is very hard to bring stranger to home and let that person to
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The shelter is for twenty people but they are putting forth. That shows how they are having a space problem. The government should provide more space that can be able to hold a number of people. In addition to that force young people to go to shelter. If they are staying outside they will have access for drugs and alcohols, but if they are in the shelter they will afraid not to kicked out from there so they will follow the rule. Also as a society everybody has a responsibility to stand with the shelters and volunteer to help them. The government should need to encourage
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