How Are Karla Tucker And Lizzie Borden Alike

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Women the hardest species to understand as we, the male try to find out how. But finding out that a woman can have the gut killed. As Lizzie Borden and Karla Tucker, finding the similarity and difference between the reasons they killed their family and friends.
The difference from Borden and Karla that we can understand that it took exactly different time line when the killing occur. Borden took somewhere in 1800’s, when female were still fighting for their rights against the males. Karla in 1990’s, now woman were equal to men. Borden family was rich but the father cheap stake that didn’t want to spend any money for their home or family. ”Lizzie especially felt alienated from the world around her” (Borden 2).Meaning that she didn’t like her life style. However, when they found out that she killed her father and step-mother in her home. Nobody believe her that she was the killer. Most of the court room judge was all male. So, they didn’t believe that a woman could be able to kill her own family. She was guilty and wasn’t put in jail without any prove that she killed them. …show more content…

She wasn’t rich but maybe use her money to buy drugs. She wasn’t alone who help on the scene of the crime, she got help by Danny Garret. Who was even part of the assassination. When she killed both of them, she got a sensation like having multiple orgasm meaning that she love the feeling of blood splashing around her. Playing around like it was game on the bodies. On the other hand, when she was in jail making interview to people she told that she found God. Many Christian want to help her not sentence to death but give just time in jail. Those are the difference between Karla and Lizzie cases and life style that both came to be as they are

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