How Did Andrew Jackson Deserve The Hall Of Fame

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Andrew Jackson “The bank … is trying to kill me. But I will kill it!” (Appleby, 349). Andrew Jackson did not oppose central banking. Even though Jackson did some terrible things like removing the Indians to the west for more land, Jacksons Democracy also helped strengthen the U.S. Jackson should not be in the Presidential Hall of Fame for all he did to help strengthen the country, and fix corrupted banks. Andrew Jackson became Suspicious of all the banks, and paper money issues. Jackson was a anti-bank candidate. Jackson also believed that the nations coins should consist only gold or silver coins minted by the treasury and any foreign coins they choose. Henry Clay and Daniel Webster were planning to use the banks against Andrew Jackson presidential election. They used the banks against him because he was going against the banks, and they did not like him to much. Pro-Bank members of congress produced a renewal bill for bank charters, but Jackson vetoed it. In 1832 the bank played a large part of the election. There strategy for for gaining support on Henry …show more content…

When the indians were being removed to the west over 4,000 cherokees died. These indians died because the U.S wanted more land which was not right because they were here first. This was called “The Trail of Tears”. On May 28 1830 two years later after Andrew Jackson was elected as the president, he signed the Removal Act. Before the Cherokees left their land they refused. In 1832 a group of Native Americans called the Black Hawk led by Sauk Chieftain led a group back to their hometown in Illinois They wanted to recapture their homeland. When trying to recapture it the Illinois state militia and federal troops went and responded with force. They chased them to the Mississippi river and slaughtered almost all of them. Before all of this Jackson was elected as president in

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