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The Trail of Tears was part of the Indian-removal process. The federal government drove out fifteen thousand Creeks from their land with promises of money and concessions. All across America, nearly a quarter of a million Native Americans, who eventually were stripped of their land by immigrants from Europe, lived happily in the Americas. In the early 1830’s, America was prosperous with natives. By the late 1830’s; however, barely any natives remained in the southeast of the United States. The government drove out all of the natives from their land to grow crops such as cotton. The land the natives lived on had better soil for these crops. When the Americans kicked the natives off their land, they needed a place to “put” them. So the American…show more content…
He led campaigns against the Creeks that lived in southern states in the Florida-campaigns that resulted in the loss of land for the natives. Hundreds of thousands of acres of land became white farmer owned. Although the theft of their land was unfair, most natives didn’t object or fight the White Americans. When the Native Americans would be stripped of their land, they would be put into “Indian colonization zone”, which, now in present day, is known as Oklahoma. When Andrew Jackson became president, he signed the Indian Removal Act, which gave the government the power to take native land and send the Native Americans to the “Indian colonization…show more content…
The natives would have to voluntarily give their land to the White Americans without conflict. There was so such right or leniency for anyone, even the president, to forcefully take land. The president and the government ignored the letter of the law and took native land by force. The Choctaw nation was the first nation to be expelled from their land altogether, In the middle of winter, the people from the Choctaw were made to walk to the Indian Territory. The U.S. Army was on the verge of invading them. To prevent this from happening, the Choctaw went on a long journey across the

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