Who Is Andrew Jackson A Villain

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Hero or villain

A quarter of Native Americans died on the trail of tears. Andrew Jackson is a villain , because the Indian removal act and the native Americans were sent to Oklahoma in the dead of winter. Andrew Jackson believed Manifest Destiny also the westward expansion which gained another slave state Missouri. On his first night of being president Andrew Jackson threw a party with his friends and got drunk also broke objects. Americans people against the Jacksonian era could already see how 4 years of The United States was going to turn out.

In the late 1830’s Andrew Jackson and his policies created the Trail of tears. At the time Andrew Jackson was not president the president was Martin Van Buren. The Trail of Tears was Native …show more content…

Native Americans were promised land west of the Mississippi river that American people have not lived on yet in exchange for Native Americans land east of Mississippi river so white men who could afford land could own slaves also the gold rush at the time. We had land west of the Mississippi because of the Louisiana purchase. Some Natives agreed to move like the elders but other Native did not. As a results wars happened between USA people and Native Americans.

Andrew Jackson and his thoughts on the National bank were not very good. Andrew Jackson thought the bank held to much economic power. The national bank held all the governments silver and gold.Also the bank could print money whenever the workers wanted to when people asked for loans to buy land. Therefor on Andrew Jackson 2nd term he vetoed a bill to Increase the years of the bank. After Jackson took down the national bank he gave all money to the state bank the PET banks. Not to mention Andrew Jackson was not a fan of paper currency either. Andrew Jackson still today is a villain. Andrew Jackson killed thousands of Native Americans. Andrew Jackson kicked all of the Native Americans out of there home land. Also he took down the National bank and put the U.S in a depression in 1837 (Panic of 1837). Andrew Jackson is today's the most talked about president with the choices he made and Jackson actions. Andrew Jackson is a

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