How Did Boo Radley Make A Dialectical Journal For To Kill A Mockingbird

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Journal #5 I am reading To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee and I am on page 376. This book is about a girl named Scout who lives with brother Jem, aunt Alexandra, and father Atticus. The kids have learned a lot from the experiences with people in the town like Boo Radley and Tom Robinson. When Tom died it affects the whole town for a little bit. When the kids were attacked by Bob Ewell, but Boo Radley came to save them. In this journal I will be evaluating. G- Boo Radley and Tom Robinson are both symbolized by the mockingbird Y- Boo Radley R- the gossip about him - his actions as a kid - his actions now - the stories R- Him interacting with scout and jem - gifts in tree - giving blanket to scout - defending them with Bob Ewell Y- Tom Robinson R- tried to help Mayella - help with chores - was her only friend - Jumped on him and tempt him R- scream rape and put on trial - Mayella scream rape because she saw her father in window - put tom on trial and accused of raping and beating her - Blacks mostly likely never win when a white woman screams rape G- For these reasons Boo and Tom are symbolized by a mockingbird …show more content…

One person is Boo Radley is like a mockingbird because people gossip about him all the time. He has done many actions when was a kid and adult. When he was a kid he got into the wrong crowd and went the closes thing was a gang in Maycomb. He did many actions that were considered very bad in the town like swearing in front of ladies and drinking before the appropriate age. Also, he has done actions in his adult that have not been seen by witnesses like when e does not come out of the house at all. That him laugh when Scout fell over in the tire. But, most of the gossip came from the

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