How Did Carlos Montezuma Characterize Native Americans

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Carlos Montezuma was a Chicago physician who was known for his strident perspective on tribal issues. He wanted Indian’s to share the same freedoms Americans had, in order to fight for the nation. “a nation which would not grant citizenship to Indians should not expect Native Americans to sacrifice their lives to defend it.” (Page 125) Montezuma created his own newsletter called Wassaja. He felt that if Indians wanted to go into war then they had every right to, but not to be forced into being a soldier. He believed that the Indians did not belong, and were just floating around. Some at the time were saying “America is their country”, (Page 125) he would refute it by saying Native Americans do not even have the same privileges as foreigners. …show more content…

An Indian delegate went to Washington, to speak on behalf of Native Americans. He called on Wassaja to help press the matter. The Chief went on to say, “if you give us everything, you can take my young men across the water to fight the Germans.” (Page 125) The meaning behind everything was very powerful. It was the Native Americans true freedom and acceptance, to be given citizenship. The government told them with actions that the young men could fight for the country, but not obtain citizenship from that action. The government lied to the Native Americans once again, making their trust lost in Americans. A bill was passed to include Indians and aliens to be drafted. Native Americans are alive, they deserve to have equal rights. But, “everything”, still was not presented to them. Hope was being lost, once proud people, now thought to themselves that they were cursed. To draft Indians and not call them, “The First American Citizen,” (Page 126) is very clearly disrespectful and dehumanizing. Wassaja wanted these words spoken to the “Washington father”, to spark some sort of fire. Hoping to show proof that the Native American deserved to be an American equal. That would then let them proudly call this country “their

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