How Did Christopher Columbus Impact On American Culture

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The Western American culture is dominated by a mixture of cultures which are African, American, Asian and a lot more. Yet in the 1490 throughout the early 1900s this culture has been mainly influenced by the European traditions. The United States has historically had trouble letting people within it’s borders. Anyhow, since 1960 until nowadays the United States in leaning toward a mixture of diversity, and a variety of ethnic.
Christopher Columbus is one of the first explorer who made a significant impact on the American culture. Columbus's effect on what became the United States was absurd. The Columbus exchange is one of the great factor that has ever happen to the American continent during the colonial period. The Columbian Exchange mentions …show more content…

But later on all of it was changed by the next explorer and Columbus. European explorer transported sheep, cowards, cows and a lot of other goods to the Americans people and exchanged them with vegetables and many different species. According to Mann that organic exchange changes the United States. A marketplace for tobacco was generated by Columbus and other explorer which later powered the American budget. The horses importation changed the American culture and grant fast transportation through North America .’’ ( Nick Robinson) Columbus was optimistic when he traveled to America with faith of discovering new land and gold, and new prospect .Columbus helped with path and picture unexplored land. Plus Columbus brought his boats back packed of gold also, Columbus voyage brought together people of different culture, he is one of those who contributed to the current miscellaneous American culture of today describe as a mixture of diverse religions, and countries whose search for a better …show more content…

Columbus is not that famous as I would have love to. Regardless some controversies many people still see Columbus as a hero due to the fact that they consider that he is the first one who actually starts the picture of America. Even though Columbus is seen as one of the best sailor and the one who helped to promote new sphere to European people; many people still in America remained with a bad picture of him because of the slavery that he encouraged and people that he killed due the fact that they were non-Christian. ‘’A lot of information were written about the effect of the Columbian exchange which characterized the interchange of flowers, animals, infections of human and culture and it’s rational influence. It is definitely the circumstance throughout the Age of discovery European people assimilated the ability to interchange information virtually all around the world.’’ (John Cabot) Columbus is still considered as the’’ Villain” in some part in America, some polls shows that there are still many states whose refused to celebrate the Columbus

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