How Did Europeans Influence The Colonization Of African Americans

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Europeans wanted African land so much that they were willing to do anything to get the natural resources that Africa held. The Europeans went out of their way to get these resources. Africa was rich and the most needed resources at this time to update and advance new Technology and for economic purposes.
Firstly, Europeans had more Technology advancements. Document C states that most of the technological advancements happened in the 1800’s. Mostly, all of the new technology was invented in this time. But the Europeans used their technology advancements against the people who did not have as advanced technology. As shown in Document C Europeans went to Africa on steamboats and brought rifles with them. Europeans went to Africa for one reason, this was to gain access to Africa's natural resources. The Europeans knew they had power over the Africans because they used them as slaves and would kill them or hurt them unless they worked and got natural resources for them. The Europeans went to Africa with repeating rifles, the Europeans needed this technology because they knew Africa could not fight back because they did not have …show more content…

Africa’s best customers of this time were the Britains, Document E states that in 1854 and in 1900 the Britians imported more from Africa than they did export. Both Africa and Britain were benefitting from the imports and exports. Britain was importing natural resources from Africa which improved their abilities to advance while these imports also improved Africa because they were making money off of the exports to Britain, Also, most of Africa’s imports to Britain came from natural resources so Africa was making the better profit at this time. Before Africa had acquired liberty in their country the Europeans were colonizing their land and natural

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